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Our Candidate Referral Program

We are currently offering incentives for referrals made to Star HR Professional Health Recruitment.

If you refer a candidate to Star HR who is placed in a position and remains there for more than 12 weeks, you will be eligible to receive a gift voucher to the value of A$500.00 (please see Terms & Conditions below).

Should you wish to refer a candidate to us, you can send us their name and contact details along with your contact details. Alternatively the candidate can contact us directly and inform us that you have referred them to Star HR.

Please send referrals to with “Referral” in the subject line.


Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for the referral voucher or gift (The “Fee”), the following conditions must be satisfied:

 The Candidate referred by the Referrer must be successfully placed in a permanent employment position by Star HR Pty Ltd.

 The Candidate must remain with the same employer in the same position and at the same salary for at least 12 weeks.

 All information provided by the referrer or candidate pertaining to work history, contact details and current employment status of the candidate must be true. Should any information provided by either the Candidate or the Referrer be false in any respect, then Star HR Pty Ltd is not liable to pay the “Fee.”

 The Referrer and the Candidate warrant and agree that any information they have provided is true and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief.

 If the referred candidate is previously known and registered on Star HR’s database, then Star HR Pty Ltd is not liable to pay the “Fee.”

 Payment of any referral fee is at the total and absolute discretion of Star HR Pty Ltd.