We work hard to find your best prospects

What are the benefits of working with Star HR?

At Star HR we are dedicated to understanding the needs of our clients and locating candidates who will optimally align with the culture of your organisation. With over 10,000 candidates nationally, and talented consultants with high-level industry knowledge, our team is capable of providing you with a wide range of quality candidates.

We also thrive on being able to handle every aspect of the recruitment process for you. We will give you helpful, honest and accurate advice and feedback at every stage.

I have my own HR Team, why would I need to use Star HR?

The Star HR team understands that companies with internal recruitment teams do most of their recruiting themselves. We can assist when companies have confidential roles, are having difficulty finding candidates, when they require help with the volume of applications, or when they would just like us to complement their own recruitment. At Star HR, we have an outstanding level of market knowledge. We frequently collaborate with HR departments to find the best candidates for our clients.

What Fees are involved?

Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the successful candidate’s salary package. Listing a role with Star HR is cost-free; you only have to think about cost once we place a candidate in your company. Star HR is pleased to be able to offer small businesses and non-for profit organisations reduced fees.

What if the candidate doesn’t work out?

At StarHR you can feel confident knowing that if a candidate doesn’t work out within our 12-week guarantee period, we will happily find you an alternative, or refund your fees.

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The Star HR team will support you by:

Consulting with you on the position requirements

Placing job advertisements

Managing applications

Conversing with suitable candidates

Presenting you with candidates who we believe to be the best fit

Organising interviews with you and your team

Interview follow-up including informing unsuccessful candidates

Carrying out reference checks

Delivering offers and contracts if required

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